The best Vegetarian Restaurants in Valencia

Authentic Vegeterian restaurant in the old city

Our choice of must-visit vegetarian restaurants in Valencia

Vegetarian Restaurants are more popular than ever before.

Nowadays especially among the young people, there is an increasing awareness of health, environment and animal compassion. Therefore, in the last years, a growing trend towards veganism and vegetarianism has increased drastically.  Moreover, becoming a vegetarian has become more accessible, because of the all year long fresh produce. Hence, today there are more vegetarian dining options than ever before. No doubt, that Just Eat has named Veganism as a top consumer trend in 2018.

Due to its good weather, and reach soil one of the biggest industries in the Community of Valencia is agriculture. According to the ministry of Agriculture that Valencian Community had the biggest growth in operators and area devoted to organic farming in 2017. That is one of the reasons why there are plenty of vegetarian options and even fine dining Vegetarian restaurants.  We wanted to select for you the best Vegetarian restaurants in Valencia. That´s why we give you a list of our favorite Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants in the city.

. That´s why we give you a list of our favorite Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants in the city.


La Lluna ( Vegetarian Restaurant)

Vegetarian restaurant that is situated just in the heart of the old city. When we talked about La Lluna we talk about tradition and authenticity. La Luna is a family owned restaurant with a history of more than 30 years. It has relatively simple but everything is so delicious. You will have a wide choice as Vegetarian or Vegan. This is our favorite restaurant and as a Vegetarian or Vegan, you definitely have to visit.


Lo De Ponxe En El Kinto Pino ( Vegetarian Restaurant)


Vegetarian Restaurant situated just at the edge of the old town, just right next to a local market called ¨Rojas Clemente¨. The menu of the day it’s a great deal as you pay just 12 euros for a really elaborated 3-course meal and a drink. This vegetarian restaurant has a hippy touch. This is really one of the best restaurants and as a vegetarian is must visit.


La Mandragora (Vegetarian Asociacion)

Vegetarian association, this place has our favorite vegetarian concept. The place is not a restaurant, but a vegetarian association. Which means that when you enter you have to sign a contract. Once, you have signed the contract, you can pay for your food as much as you want. It´s a great place as you can help some poor vegetarians have their daily meal.