Things to do at Night in Valencia

The Valencians are known as mellow Mediterranean people who enjoy the slow and relaxed way of life and unusual eating habits. For instance, in most country, people will go to bed between 9 P.M. and 11 P.M.  at that time the Spaniards just start with their dinner. That’s one of the reasons why they stay out until the morning and that they really enjoy the night. Usually, Spanish towns get busy just after dinner and Valencia is not an exception.

Moreover, due to its perfect location, Valencia offers to its citizens and its visitors some of the best weather conditions in the world. 

We want you to enjoy the night as a local that’s why we give you 5 of the best things to do at night in Valencia:


Going out at night in El Carmen

No doubt that El Carmen is one of the most popular and lively neighborhoods in Valencia. You will find plenty of things to do at night. There are so many Tapas Bars, Nightclubs, fancy restaurants, and Street Art. If you want to go out to have some authentic Tapas and have an authentic experience we will recommend you to stick around the Plaza del Carmen. This is the back side of El Carmen where the locals stay. After, if you want to go out to have some drinks and party we recommend you to stay around Calle Caballeros and Plaza Tosal. Most bars are quite commercial, nevertheless if you want something more alternative you can visit Bar Radio City. 

Authentic Tapas Bar
El Olivo

Things to do at night in Ruzafa

Ruzafa is the up and coming hipster neighborhood of Valencia.  As a result, the streets are full of different activities and the neighborhood really gets alive at night. There are so many different coffee shops with terraces, bars, nightclubs, art galleries, different authentic and intentional restaurants.  Our favorite places in the neighborhood are the two Craft Beer Bars Olhops and H2OL.

We highly recommend you to do the Craft Beer Tasting Tour. You will definitely have a blast. 

 Besides, if you are looking for a different thing to do at night we recommend you to just go and get lost around. We are quite sure that you will find something for yourself. 

H2Ol Craft Beer Bar

Nightclubs in Valencia

Definitely, Valencia enjoys a rich party scene. Likewise, Spaniards just love fiesta and they know how to do it. As we mentioned before the Spanish lifestyle is quite different than the rest of the world. So, do not get surprised if you go to a club at 1 A.M. and it is still empty. Likewise, people here go to nightclubs after 2 A.M. if it happens that you arrive a little earlier enjoy the discounts and wait for the crowd to show up. Therefore, we will give you a list with 3 of the best nightclubs in town:

MYA and L’Umbracle 

MYA is situated in the futuristic complex of the City of Arts and Sciences. Its location is just unique and in summer the club enjoys amazing Roof Top terrace. The club divided on different rooms. So you can enjoy R&B, Electronic music or Reggeaton.

La 3

La 3 is situated just right next to the port of Valencia. It´s a mythic club that has diff rent events every week. So we recommend you the check what they have and if it´s something that you like. You should feel lucky in hit it up. Authenticity guaranteed.


Oven is a relatively new club situated in the heart of the Hipster Area of Ruzafa. The club was created to meet up the Techno needs of Valencia. So if you are techno Fan you definitely must visit.