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Festival in Valencia

Fallas, Valencia 2019! Best Things to do!

Fallas Fallas is a traditional festival celebrated in the city of Valencia, Spain. It’s held from March 15 to March 19 each year. Hence, hundreds of paper sculptures are erected on the streets over a period of several days.  Moreover, the details of these huge, intricate and colorful sculptures are spectacular. They tower over the […]

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Things to do at Night in Valencia

The Valencians are known as mellow Mediterranean people who enjoy the slow and relaxed way of life and unusual eating habits. For instance, in most country, people will go to bed between 9 P.M. and 11 P.M.  at that time the Spaniards just start with their dinner. That’s one of the reasons why they stay out until the […]

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High-end Tapas Bars

Best high-end Tapas Bar in Valencia In addition to sunny weather, old historic city, beautiful beaches, swanky shops, a growing collection of restaurants and bars serving contemporary Spanish tapas have increased in Valencia. Especially in the two neighboring neighborhoods Ruzafa and Canovas. Valencia, it´s a reach region with really diverse food where the sea and […]

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