High-end Tapas Bars

Best high-end Tapas Bar in Valencia

In addition to sunny weather, old historic city, beautiful beaches, swanky shops, a growing collection of restaurants and bars serving contemporary Spanish tapas have increased in Valencia. Especially in the two neighboring neighborhoods Ruzafa and Canovas.

Valencia, it´s a reach region with really diverse food where the sea and the mountain meet. That, accompanied with 300 days of sun in a year, makes Valencia ideal for wide variety of fresh and mouthwatering produce.  That’s where were born our favorite Michelin Star Chefs Ricard Camarena and Quique Dacosta.  

We definitely will recommend you to all of their restaurants in Valencia.

In the list below, you have a list of our favorite restaurants.  If it happens that you need an Exclusive Tour you have come to the right place.  


Canalla Bistro

That’s definitely our favorite restaurant in Valencia. We just love the concept of its fusion food between Asian and Spanish. The Chef mostly use seasonal products from the region of Valencia. Canalla Bistro is Ricard Camarena’s most eclectic restaurant. It is the closest thing to a gastronomic journey through the world through its flavors.  A must try dish is definitely the cucurucho, which is tartar de Salmon, aguacate and more….

Mercat Bar

This establishment s is definitely the most pocket-friendly restaurant of Quiqe Dacosta. The restaurant is situated in the heart of Canovas.  We love the interior decoration with local products. This also tells you a lot about the concept of it. They just use local products that you can find in the region of Valencia. Our favorite dish is the Red Tuna cubes.


Vuelve Carolina

We just love restaurants where you can see how they cook and Vuelve Carolina is definitely one of them. Here, like in all his restaurants, Quiqe Dacosta wants to bring you closer to nature and its products. We love the plates that have a shape of tree leaves.  The presentation ´s definitely on a world-class level. One of our favorite dishes is the Cubalibre Foie Gras which is the only one dish offered in all of the restaurants of Quiqe.