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We are ‘Enjoy Valencia Tours’

We are the ‘Enjoy Valencia Tours’- Team. We enjoy what we do and are so grateful to be able to show our love for Valencia through our tours.

Coming from totally different backgrounds, we are best qualified to tell you about this city from many perspectives. That’s us:

Evgeni graduated in International Tourism Management in the Netherlands. For his specialization “Spa and Health Management” he went to Asia. He was accepted on an internship in the most successful tour company in southern California and therefore moved to San Diego for a year. He came to Valencia with the intention of staying for no more than a little while but, as so often happens, he fell in love with the city and stayed. Being young, open minded and a passionate traveler, he found out things about the city that can only let people’s heart beat faster. His experiences of living and exploring different countries has made him one of the best guides in Valencia to show you around. Starting as a tourist – like you – ending up living his dream.

Pedro on the other hand is Asturian by birth, but he grew up in Valencia, a city he has grown in love with after arriving at an early age.

His profession as a designer allows him to have a broad knowledge of art and architecture of the city. He is keen to share with you information from the point of view of a local, the hidden secrets of this city on the Mediterranean sea and show you their traditions and legends, its gastronomy.


“Vintage Tours” highest priority is high quality of its service and customer satisfaction achieved by professional employees who constantly care for the company‘s guests.


Each guest of “Enjoy Valencia Tours“ must receive individualized, personal care in order to feel special.

What we do

Enjoy Valencia Tours promises the taste of Spain

Everybody knows how hard it can be to find out about local places, restaurants and hidden bars while travelling. Coming on a tour with us means that you don’t have to worry about any of this: reading guidebooks, looking for reviews online… We already have everything sorted out for you ensuring professionalism with the ultimate goal of exceeding all of your expectations.

Here they say the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach… we say: that’s totally true. Enjoy Valencia Tours promises the taste of Spain with carefully chosen delectable food, delicious wines combined with honoring Spanish culture and local tradition. Accompanied by us is always going to be a once in a life time experience.

What customers says

Check out what our guests say about their experience and why they decided to give us 5 stars.


I can only echo the comments above about this tour which exceeded our expectations. Evegeni is a lot of fun and extremely knowledgeable about the city and its history. We would thoroughly recommend this tour as an interesting and enjoyable evening.

Pieter V

Evgeni showed me and my friend the best kept secrets of Valencia. we chose for the option of lets say the less touristic places of Valencia. Evgeni took really good care of us and after the tapas tour we went to a couple of cool clubs. Evgeni, thanks again for the great time and hope to see you soon again.


We had such an amazing time in Valencia and this tour was the highlight of our stay!!
Evgeni took us on a wonderful, well planned tour around local places with great food and wine. He is an excellent guide, very knowledgeable and super fun! We highly recommend this tour to everyone who wants to have a true local experience of Valencia and a night to remember! Thank you 🙂

Arthur C

Had an absolutely fantastic time with Evgeni and Enjoy Valencia Tours. He was extremely friendly and has a ton of insight on Valencia, the food, the history and the people. Being a Chef professionally, I had very high expectations of Spanish tapas and this tour far exceeded my expectations. If you love local food, culture and history I would highly recommend this tour.