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We are the ‘Enjoy Valencia Tours’- Team. We enjoy what we do and are so grateful to be able to show our love for Valencia through our tours.

Coming from totally different backgrounds, we are best qualified to tell you about this city from many perspectives. That’s us:

Evgeni graduated in International Tourism Management in the Netherlands. For his specialization “Spa and Health Management” he went to Asia. He was accepted on an internship in the most successful tour company in southern California and therefore moved to San Diego for a year. He came to Valencia with the intention of staying for no more than a little while but, as so often happens, he fell in love with the city and stayed. Being young, open minded and a passionate traveler, he found out things about the city that can only let people’s heart beat faster. His experiences of living and exploring different countries has made him one of the best guides in Valencia to show you around. Starting as a tourist – like you – ending up living his dream.

Pedro on the other hand is Asturian by birth, but he grew up in Valencia, a city he has grown in love with after arriving at an early age.

His profession as a designer allows him to have a broad knowledge of art and architecture of the city. He is keen to share with you information from the point of view of a local, the hidden secrets of this city on the Mediterranean sea and show you their traditions and legends, its gastronomy.

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Tapas tour

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Tour for Vegetarians

Tour in Valencia- book yours at best price! Vegetarian tour in Valencia at the best price! Book tapas tour in Va

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